~ Churchill Downs will contribute $2 million to support the creation of a new community center; Commits to fully developing Phase 2 of The Rose Gaming Resort ~

Churchill Downs, Inc. today announced a series of proposed new commitments and investments in the Town of Dumfries where its new gaming resort—The Rose—is nearing completion at its nearly 100-acre site just off I-95.

These commitments and investments include:

A $2 million contribution to the Town of Dumfries to support the design of a new community center. This is in addition to the on-site public park being developed as part of the project. The total amount of green space and the size of the publicly accessible park are not changing as part of this agreement.

A one-time contribution of $3.6 million to offset the Town’s unrealized gaming tax revenues based on the previous developer’s projections of when the facility would open.

A commitment by The Rose that when the resort opens all non-tipped positions will pay at least $15/hour, and that it will work with the Town to promote local hiring.

A binding commitment that Phase 2 of the project will be developed, which had previously been up to the company’s discretion.

“I am deeply appreciative of the efforts and commitment demonstrated by our town staff and Churchill Downs in working together to enhance the welfare and prosperity of our community,” said Derrick Wood, Mayor of the Town of Dumfries. “The new commitments and investments in Dumfries, including the significant contributions towards a new community center and good wages, reflect a shared dedication to the growth and enrichment of our town. I look forward to continuing to represent the best interests of our community. Together, we are building a stronger, more vibrant Dumfries for everyone.”

“We are extremely excited to strengthen our partnership with the Town of Dumfries and we remain committed to always being a good partner in this community,” said Bobbi Sample, General Manager of The Rose Gaming Resort. “We have worked with the Town on an amended proffer and a new Letter of Intent that will better position us to deliver a world-class customer experience at The Rose while also providing additional community benefits to the residents of Dumfries.”

“We are excited to welcome The Rose to Prince William County and thrilled to see that it is committed to creating good paying jobs and developing a strong workforce in our region,” said Robert Sweeney, President and CEO of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce. “The Rose is going to create jobs, revenue, and new facilities that will deliver tremendous benefits for the Town of Dumfries and all of Prince William County.”

These commitments and investments will be included in an amended proffer and new Letter of Intent that will go before the Town Planning Commission and Town Council next week. The agreements, if approved, will permit the company to install additional gaming machines as part of the first phase of the development which will better to meet customer demand. The total number of machines at The Rose remains capped at its previously approved level.

The amended and new agreements will maintain the overall scope of the project which will include a public park, 1,800 games, 8 bars and restaurants, up to 305 hotel rooms, 2,541 parking spaces, meeting and event space, and an entertainment and convention center when completed over the two phases.

The Rose Gaming Resort is projected to open later this year. The new Letter of Intent will include a provision requiring the company to make a monthly, pro-rated payment of $400,000 to offset unrealized gaming taxes if the facility is not open by July 31,2024.

The agreements presented for approval, including the proposed amended proffer, the Letter of Intent and a Memorandum of Understanding governing the operation of the new public park, are available through the Town’s website.